Baby Kimberly's Newborns

July 30, 2014  •  2 Comments

I have been best friends with Amanda ever since she moved into town freshman year of high school. We grew up together and got into trouble and had awesome adventures. Then she met and married Josh and I got my first "best friend - in law." They have both reached this incredible stage in life and have brought little Kimberly into the world. She is the cutest little thing ever! [I'm not just saying that because I'm her unofficial aunt either] As soon as our schedules would allow it [one week later] I was on my way to Cedar City to photograph this cute little angel. She was being so good until I pulled out my camera. [Lately, all the little girls I've taken newborns of just won't have it and are such divas and the little dudes let me do whatever I want! weird.] Kimberly was such a little stinker it took us hours to get her calmed down, but I think that wait was totally worth it! Here are my favs from the shoot! Be sure to congratulate Josh and Amanda on their beautiful new addition :)

.   .   .


[There was an hour at least between this first shot and the next one - someone was not having it! haha]



Wow Whitney! You did a great job!! I know Kimber wasn't happy about this and yet you took some great shots. Thank you so much!! How do I get prints of some of these?
Rachel V.(non-registered)
You got some great shots of my great-niece. She is so cute! Thank you for sharing!!!!
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