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I've always loved people. I love our differences and what makes us unique. In My Element is a series I dreamed up as a way to explore other outlets in the creative field. Passion and drive is such a beautiful thing, and to find someone with a strong enough passion for their creative field, to make it their lively hood is rare. It's finding a unicorn in a herd of horses. I admire people who do what they love. Through this series I hope to bring to light the treasures these people are to our world. The free-spirited dreamers.

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Logan Miehl is a writer.

I met up with Logan at the Nostalgia Cafe in Salt Lake City, where she Frequents. She writes copy writing and content for professionals as well as fantasy novels. Logan wrote her first novella, An Unlikely Bride, and released it last August. This was her first piece of herself she had published and put out into the world. It's always nerve wracking to put yourself out there and to have total strangers "evaluate your heart," as Logan put it. From this bit of literature, Logan now had a foothold. More often than naught, in the creative world, a blank canvas or an empty blog is the most challenging part. With this story out in the world Logan was able to keep writing.

Writing has always been a part of Logan's story, but it wasn't until the very beginning of 2016 that Logan dove in professionally.

"It's been a huge learning curve, but totally worth it. When you find what you really love, you're willing to spend a crazy amount of time trying to learn how to do it because it makes you so happy." 

When Logan said that, it was like the hallelujah chorus started singing in that coffee shop. Passion and devotion like that is magic. Putting in the hard work, doing what you love, all for happiness. It doesn't get any better than this. It was as if Logan summed up my entire series into one sentence.

"I love jiving with those people; the creative minds who do what they love and work hard for their passion"

Logan's perfect day consists of sleeping in until nine, making some tea and breakfast and starting the day with some Yoga. While she tidy's up her house, podcasts are playing in the background. Once her morning has begun, so will her writing. Logan would either work on her new novel or start branching into a new area of writing - helping out other professionals and writers with their words. Anything from emails to author bios and book synopses. Logan loves her tribe of authors and loves to write copy write for them. 

Throughout our entire interview, Logan was all smiles. The way we talked and connected had us feeling like old friends. Passion and love for her craft flowed out of her in a contagious way that had me itching to run home and photograph or paint or do anything to release this inspiration into the world. 

You can find Logan's website here as well as her Instagram, here


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Whitney this is so fun! Thank you again for chatting with me at one of my favorite coffee shops :) You turned all of my ramblings into a beautiful post, and I feel very honored to have met you!
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