Whitney Beth Photography's Gift Guide

November 24, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Whitney Beth Photography's Gift Guide

Ok, so the holidays are here and Thanksgiving is THIS week! Crazy! And with Thanksgiving comes Black Friday - where I get most of my Christmas shopping done! In order to prep for it, I thought I'd list a few of my favorite things I've gotten and used as well as things that I recommend. *Disclaimer - my links are affiliate links from Amazon, it doesn't cost you anything to shop my links, but I do get a small kick back <3

1. Sun Prints - first up on my list are the lumen print inspired, sun prints! These were so fun to make and my boys loved hunting for leaves and sticks to place on the paper and watch the sun expose it. It can be done year round - you just need sunlight! 


2. Kids' digital camera - I cannot rave about this enough! Jones loved it when I got it for him for Christmas two years ago and he STILL uses it. It's amazing for all those little photographers in training, but without sacrificing space on your phone. It's also pretty easy and worry free to use - especially with the lanyard! Best of all the quality is a lot better than other digital cameras geared towards kids so you can actually print them and put them on display! (check out Jones' photo skills in Disneyland)

3. Nikon D3500 - So I don't have this one personally, but this is the equivalent to the model that I started out on. It's fantastic for amateur photography as well as a budding photographer. It does the job if you're just going to have it hang out on Auto, but it allows for so much growth and development if you want to get into really understanding and shooting manually. Plus you can always get new lenses for it to play around with. (It's also helpful that this is the model that always gets discounted durning Black Friday)

4. Leggings with pockets! - I know I'm totally late to the game on this one, but after I bought these I decided that I'll only wear my yoga pants with pockets from here on out!

5. Phone Tripod - With the amount of Zoom Meetings and virtual interviews I've had to do this year, investing in a phone tripod was 100% worth it. I got this one, that came with a remote control (which is awesome) for when you need to record yourself or snap a group picture. 

6. Eufy RoboVac - This thing is a GAME CHANGER and I honestly can't believe I went so long before pulling the trigger (This is another big ticket item that is sure to go on sale for Black Friday) If you've never been to my house, our family room is where the doggy door is and where we gate the dogs in when we leave. I keep this little guy there 95% of the time and have it programed to start vacuuming every night at 9 pm. Since getting this guy I only vacuum and sweep the rest of my house once or twice a week instead of DAILY. It helps my sanity and makes it so I keep the dirt and sand and fur under control! 

7. Balloon Racer Car - full disclosure; I haven't used this yet. I got it for Fields for Christmas this year. But it looks really cute and fun! You pump up a balloon that is attached to a rocket ship or car and let it go and let the air power the toy across the room! I'll update this when we've had time to play with it. 

8. Fuji Instax Printer - I love the printer in that I get to control what is being printed since it uses an app on your phone and lets you choose, edit and pick any picture from your camera roll. 

9. Camera - I have both the printer and the camera and love both equally! the camera is so fun for the surprise and anticipation of seeing if your shot turned out. Plus the whole novelty of it all. This one in particular is fun since you can do double exposures!


10. 50 mm prime lens - this is my go to and is on my camera 85% of the time! I love my 50 mm! It was the first lens that Danny got for me and was honestly was a game changer with my business and mastering my craft. 





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