Photo Snow Globe Ornament DIY | Whitney Beth Photography

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Photo Snow Globe Ornament DIY | Whitney Beth Photography

It's time for another (super easy) Photo DIY! Lets talk Christmas Tree ornaments. I know lots of people like to have "curated" and "color coordinating" ornaments don their tree that looks like it stepped out of a Magnolia magazine, but real talk - I'm all about the handmade pictures ones! You know the ones you made in school where your teacher had you glue your school picture into a frame made out of popsicle sticks? Ya, that one. I love them - but here's the problem, they don't hold hold super well. Enter; my photo DIY snow globe ornaments! They are super simple to make, and you won't have to worry about it ripping or falling apart as it's stored for 11 months out of the year! 

Let's get started! 

You'll need:

- 4x6 prints of your kids (or dogs - no judgement here!) 

- clear ornaments (I opted for glass) - If possible, find some skinny, narrow ornaments instead of the classic round.

- scissors

- glitter

- heat gun and embossing powder (optional - sub it out with a sharpie if you don't have one)

Step 1.

I decided to emboss the year "2020" on to the glass. (If you aren't embossing and just using sharpie, you can skip ahead a few steps.) Start by using your special embossing pen to write out the year (or whatever you want it to say) on the ornament. 

Step 2.

Once you've gotten that written, take your embossing powder (I used gold) and poor it onto what you just wrote. (Be sure to have a paper to catch the excess as it falls.) Then shake off the powder that didn't stick. 

Step 3

I like to use a junk paint brush to help clean up the edges where some of the powder stayed stuck. Then plug in the heat gun and let er rip! I like to be constantly moving so as not to burn the powder. You'll be able to see it change from a powder to a solid before your very eyes! It's my favorite part!

Step 4

Set the ornaments aside and cut out your pictures! (when taking your pictures, try to have your subject extend all their arms and legs - it'll help them stay put in the ornament better.)

Step 5

Carefully slip your cut outs into the ornaments. (Since Fields didn't extend his hand all the way, he kind of slid around a lot in the ornament. So I just rolled a very small piece of clear tape and secured him to the back of the ornament.)

Step 6

Once your photos are in the ornament, roll up some paper to make a funnel and poor some big, chunky, glitter in there.

Step 7

Put the tops on and you're done! I forgot to by the little metal hooks for the ornament, so I just found some festive twine and used that!

They looks good hanging on the tree! I love that it makes them look like they are trapped in a snow globe! Let me know if you make these! They're already a big hit with my boys and they keep walking over to the tree to admire themselves. Merry Christmas!



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