Tibble Fork Extended Family Pictures | Erickson | Whitney Beth Photography

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Tibble Fork Extended Family Pictures | Erickson | Whitney Beth Photography

Fun fact; I'm not really related, but kinda am, to the Ericksons. ha! Austin, (my brother just younger than me) married Jenna and into the Erickson clan. I already love doing extended families, but make it my siblings' in laws and it makes it all that much better. You see, I'm a firm believer in when you marry someone, you marry their family, or in my siblings' cases, you get Whitney who becomes friends with all your in laws. haha! In fact, my plan worked so well, that at the ordering appointment, one of the grandkids asked if I was her, "Aunt in law." (To which I 100% agreed, yes.) 

We took these pictures the Saturday after Thanksgiving. (The original plan called for Thanksgiving day, but we rescheduled. I rarely reschedule based on weather forecast since Utah changes so fast, but when I looked at the 17 degree temps with the amount of littles in the picture it was a no brainer!) Instead we moved to Saturday for a blistering temp of 36 degrees. Luckily the Erickson family is full of troopers because we pulled it off (and the don't even look that cold!) When I'm shooting extended families I like to aim for 2-3 different poses/spots for the big family picture, after all, that's usually the most important picture! Not only were we able to meet my goal, but we passed it! 4 different poses in 3 spots! Amazing! We also cranked out mini's of all the families, couple pictures of the married's and singles of all the grandkids. Even with hiking all around the lake and all the pictures we took we were only out in the cold for about an hour! Not bad! It was so fun hanging out, and now I feel even more special that I know everyone's names and who belongs with who when Austin and Jenna are talking about their family! Enjoy my favorites from the shoot!


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