Christmas Minis | Beth | Whitney Beth Photography

January 13, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Christmas Minis | Beth | Whitney Beth Photography

I know it's January and Christmas is sooo last year. lol but I couldn't not share the last of my Christmas minis. Beth is a dear friend of ours. She worked with Danny at Jolley's pharmacy before I even knew him! She's also one of the reasons Danny was able to find work when he lost his job during the Rite Aide buy out about 2 1/2 years ago. She's one of my favorites. She grew up in Spanish Fork, and according to Danny, has the mouth of someone from Spanish Fork too. In fact, she's where Jones learned how to call people a dumb sh!t hahaha (luckily that was only a one time thing!) Beth joked all through the photoshoot that she needed some pictures for her obituary. ha! My favorite part is when I asked if she'd get on the bed. She responded with, "Are you serious!?" to which I said, "Yes! It'll be cute!" In true Beth fashion she replied, "Aw hell. Fine. But I'm not laying down!" I love this lady and am so glad I was able to take some pictures for her! 


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