Jordan Pines Formals | Strickler | Whitney Beth Photography

January 21, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Jordan Pines Formals | Strickler | Whitney Beth Photography

As of one hour ago, these two are officially married! I photographed a lot of family weddings this past year, but this one is extra sweet. My little sister, Makayla married her sweetheart, Brian today! I was able to go up with them up the canyons on Monday to take their formal pictures. I wasn't the happiest with my wedding photos (blame it on just moving to Utah and knowing NO ONE in the industry) so I always go full big sister and make sure my siblings get exactly what they want. Even if that means heading up to Jordan Pines on MLK day where all of Utah was sledding. Plus side: going in the morning meant we were literally the only photographers and clients up there! I also did Makayla's makeup and arranged her bouquet and made Brian's boutonniere (which was so fun! I think I'll retire and become a florists when I'm all done with photography.) 

I've shot at Jordan Pines in the winter many times, but I have never had the variety that I had with Makayla and Brian. We started out with light flurries, then blizzard and then no snow, clear blue skies and sun! it was the perfect cocktail. After freezing our limbs off on the mountain, we zipped down the canyon and shot a few pictures in front of the temple. Because of Corona on Makayla and Brian's wedding day (today) they won't be able to change into their wedding dress and suit to do pictures around the grounds like normal. So even though the grounds were closed, we were still able to snap a few in front of the building. 

Congrats Brian and Makayla! I am so happy you two found each other and that I get such a fun brother! Love you!


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