5 Reasons to Book a Studio Session | Whitney Beth Photography

February 19, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

5 Reasons to Book a Studio Session | Whitney Beth Photography

The timing for this post came at such a perfect time. With a giant dumping of February snow, the canyons are all closed for avalanche warnings. Not to mention the extreme cold that the south is getting hit with! While I'm an avid lover of photographing outdoors, even I know there are certain times when a studio is the way to go! 

1. It's warm! (or cool if you're in the summer) 

Trying to get littles to cooperate when they are frozen feels like running a marathon by the end of the session. If you're needing photos done when the weather or temperature is less than ideal, studio is the way to go. 

2. Consistant 

This one is a great option for clients who need product shot! It's great to have some variety of their stuff outside in nature, but for the sake of cohesiveness on their website, having everything shot in studio ups their image and elevates their look 

3. Wall Options

Most people tend to think that studios have one look - especially now where it's trendy to have white walls and white floors, but most, if not all studios offer more than one shooting option! Be it with different colored walls, textures or even offering paper backdrops! 

4. Clean

With 2020 behind us and still in the midsts of a pandemic, it's important now, more than ever to have a safe and clean space to shoot in with your family. Booking a studio allows for sanitizing between clients and keeping a clean space. 

5. The Focus 

This might be my favorite reason. By shooting in studio the focus is 100% on the subject. I love studio work for shooting portraits. It really helps direct the viewer to noticing all that makes the subject unique. 


Have I convinced you yet? If You'd like to book a studio session while the weather is still yucky, just shoot me an email through my contact page or at [email protected]


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