American Fork Snowy Engagements | Blake + Maddy | Whitney Beth Photography

February 03, 2021  •  1 Comment

American Fork Snowy Engagements | Blake + Maddy | Whitney Beth Photography

How cute are these guys?! Not only cute, but easy going! We took these up American Fork Canyon, just before you get to Tibble Fork Res. The original plan was to shoot around the lake, duck back into the pines and take in the views of Timp. Well, apparently all of Utah had the same idea because it was insane! It took us 15 minutes just to get through the parking lot! Normally it is a one way parking lot, but I guess the snow made it so people didn't know? I'm not sure, but either way it was so scary trying to maneuver my mini van through a one way road turned two way! After finally getting out of that mess I kept driving back down the hill. Blake and Maddy were following me and we found two "spots" we could park in at the little gravel pull out at the base of the hill. But happy accidents, right? Because of our little detour we were able to shoot alone with no sledders or photographers to have to photoshop out. We found this enchanting little trail and a pine filled clearing. It was magical between the soft flurries of snow that came and went during the shoot. We ended the session across the street by the little stream turned river. At the very end Blake and Maddy wanted to do snow angels. I was more than happy to document them! How fun are they?! We found a deep snowbank for them to fall into and it was so cute! By the end of the session we were all soaked from wading in knee-thigh deep snow! I had snowballs stuck to the outsides of my socks! I'd say it was well worth it! Congrats you two!



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You better get Blake inside before his face gets any more red lmao
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