Three Easy Picture Related April Fools Pranks | Whitney Beth Photography

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Three Easy Picture Related April Fools Pranks | Whitney Beth Photography

It's the most wonderful time of the year - April Fool's Day is nearly here! You know me, I love a good (harmless) prank. I attribute this deep rooted love to my mom almost having me on April Fool's Day nearly 29 years ago. Which I like even better because it feels like I have a two day long birthday! Haha! This year, I thought I'd give you guys a heads up in case anyone wanted to join in the fun. In fact, I thought of three, varying degrees of easy, pranks you can pull regarding pictures! You'll still need time to prep, (hence the week early post) but if we can pull this off, I will bet that they'll be one of those funny things your family will find for days to come. 

So let's get started. 

Prank #1

The first one is by far the easiest and requires minimal prep work, all you will need are googly eyes and blue tacky or blue painter's tape.

- It's pretty self explanatory; go around the house and randomly put googly eyes on the portraits. You'll want to make sure you use blue tacky or blue painter's tape so that you don't damage the glass and leave a sticky mess behind. Don't stick any eyes on canvas, glassless frames, and especially never directly on to a print. We don't want any damage to come from this fun holiday. 

Prank #2 

A little more involved, this prank involves print outs of various sizes of your favorite (or not so favorite) celebrity. You could also print out pictures of you too! You'll also need blue tacky/blue painter's tape as well. 

- following the pattern of the first prank, go around to all the glass frames in the house and cover various family member's faces with their new celebrity face using blue tacky or blue painter's tape. (Nicholas Cage is a fan favorite to do this with at our house - April Fools Day or not!) It's even better if you can get the right proportion to face you are covering up. (Same warnings as before with canvas, glassless frames and prints.) 

Prank #3

This one is for all the Jake Peralta's out there during the Halloween Heist. A bit more work on the backend, but sooo worth it. 

- What you're going to want to do is scan in the picture you will be "defacing." There's a few different ways to go about it - the OG use of a real life scanner, or if you're lacking in the stand alone scanner department, you can use your phone. If you have an iPhone you can scan in documents and photos in the "notes" app. (If you don't have an iPhone, I'm sure there's an app for it too.)  Once you have your photo digitized, pull it into Snapchat or Instagram and act like you're going to make a story. Pull down the "add ons" and search the Gifs and Stickers for your favorites and add them to the image. What's fun about using snapchat is, they have a sticker option which you can make out of your face! My go to is always swapping heads with people in the picture, or turning them into dogs! Really the combinations are endless! Once you have your masterpiece the way you want it, save it back to your camera roll and print it the same size as the original. This is the ONE time I will tell you that it doesn't matter where you print your picture since this is a gag gift - although, if you want it to last, print it at Persnickety Prints. Once you've got your masterpiece in hand, pop that baby back in the frame (for security purposes, just keep the original in the frame also) and sit back and enjoy. 

What I love so much about these three pranks is the potential to draw out the holiday. Depending on how many pictures you do, and how observant everyone is, your family could be finding these for weeks! If you end up doing any of these, tag me on Instagram and I'll share my favorites! 


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