Kayti - The Beyouty Bureau | Whitney Beth Photography

March 24, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Kayti - The Beyouty Bureau | Whitney Beth Photography

I loved getting to meet Kayti and take some portraits of her in Lizzy's studio a few weeks ago. She is such a fun and beautiful person, inside and out! She was there to help model for Lizzyography's commercial course. I was able to direct a few shots with her and she was pro. It felt like I was shooting a model for my college photo class. Whenever you're in a classroom setting and have (what feels like) a million people trying to get the shot, but Kayti did so well at making sure she looked around the room so everyone could get what they needed. I loved the vibe we were able to create and show how fun Kayti is! Check out a few of my favorites from the shoot!


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