Nesting for Baby | Boys' Bunk Room | Whitney Beth Photography

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Nesting for Baby | Boys' Bunk Room | Whitney Beth Photography

I'm officially past the halfway point for this little bird of mine. (If you missed it, we found out we are having another boy! That makes four boys!) I always make myself wait to start buying and decorating and doing all the big things until the halfway point. Mainly so I don't go broke getting all that cute baby stuff. In our house we have three bedrooms upstairs and then technically two in the basement. One of the bedrooms in the basement is my current office and the other is really huge and we turned it into a playroom/entertainment room. Eventually I'll give up my office, but I'm waiting to do that until I know the kids will actually sleep and stay in the basement. So before I could do anything in the nursery I had to move Fields into Jones' room. I had been on the hunt for a sturdy bunkbed that had stairs (I could already see Fields getting stuck on the ladder too many times and I didn't want to have to pull him off it every time lol) I finally found one for $100 and with the help of my brother in law and his truck we were able to get it to my place. This is what it looked like before:

It was very well loved, but I was craving a project. Whenever I'm in a rut or have a lot going on emotionally I find myself starting all kinds of home improvement projects and this one seemed simple enough that it would be quick. (haha - don't they all) The very first thing I did was sand it down. I knew I wanted to keep the wood tone on the stairs, so that had to be extra smooth and even, but everything else was just cosmetic. I had the boys help whenever I was feeling especially energetic and it was a step that couldn't really be messed up on. 

After it was all sanded I stained the steps with the same stain I had on hand from my mantle build. Once that was set I primed and painted it white to match the dresser that was already in Jones' room. I ended up having to make some supports for the mattress since it didn't seem sturdy enough with the amount that it came with. If this bunk bed didn't prepare me for having more boys, I don't know what will. On the second day of moving it into the room and getting it all set up, Jones did a cannonball and broke the middle support - so back to Home Depot I went to get some more lumber to make the support. I ended up adding 5 more support pieces to each bed - just in case. Look how happy they are! 

To tie in the dresser a little better, I got a plank of wood, cut it down and used my kreg jig to join the two pieces together to make a wide enough piece to cover the top of the dresser (the dresser didn't have a lip or top piece anyway and was a borderline waterfall type top, so it was an easy addition.) I screwed the new top in place and stained it the same stain combo as the stairs and I love it! It helps tie in the bunk bed and all the other wood elements I've added. All that was left to do was restyle the bookshelf with stuff from both boys. It was long overdue too - seeing as how it hadn't changed since Jones' nursery and home boy will be FIVE next month.

I also swapped out the hall mirror for the one Jones had been using to add some more black accents. I'm planning on moving my navy black out curtains into the boys' room once I find some that I like for our bedroom. All that is left to do in this room is find a huge "F" and get Fields a full size comforter instead of only having the one I made for his crib. Aside from the bunk bed and new top for the dresser, everything else was just stuff that I had around the house or in both boys' rooms. It pulled together pretty cute and the boys love their new room!



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