Studio Underground | Confetti Shoot | Whitney Beth Photography

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Studio Underground | Confetti Shoot | Whitney Beth Photography

I really love where I live. My neighborhood is awesome, and I'm close to the freeway, shops, parks, and canyons. What's even better is the amount of photo studios near me. From my house, there are probably 3 natural light studios within 5 miles, it's so nice to have that kind of commute. I specify "natural light" because just this year a "dark studio" opened up in the basement of the Old Schoolhouse in Draper. It's called, Studio Underground. One of the perks with networking and knowing other photogs in your area is you get to know people like, Adel, who in my case, is one of the owners of the Studio Underground. Adel reached out to me and asked if I'd want to try out their new place. I was all over that, especially since I haven't used studio lights in at least 5 years (from when I was at school at UVU.) Also lucky for me - since it had been five years since working with lights, the Instagram page for Studio Underground has a quick little highlight video with a refresher. Super handy for me, and it all came back like muscle memory. I had random family members who were free that day come down to the studio Saturday morning for a shoot that I dreamt up as soon as I got done talking to Adel. 

About 3 years ago Danny bought a ton of confetti cannons because he wanted to shoot them off at Jones' birthday party. I was expecting like one or two, instead, he comes out of the store with bags full, "because it was a good deal." We've been slowly chipping away at our stash since then. The only problem is Danny married an Oregonian who doesn't want to shoot confetti cannons outside so that we don't kill the earth. Which leads our opportunities for using them pretty limited. 

Knowing I still had a decent stash in the garage, and seeing that the studio had a pink paper backdrop, I told anyone who wanted to come to the shoot to wear something "poppy" - luckily it was mostly sisters who came and I don't need to worry what they're going to wear. I got to the studio, (which is literally in the basement) and got to work setting up my lights. They had two continuous - which I used for lighting my backdrop and one strobe with a big 'ol honey comb soft box on it. It was way easy to get everything ready to use and there are multiple shooting spaces you can use. Since I wanted the big pink paper backdrop we shot in the back where the big backdrop stand was already set up and ready to go. 

It was a blast! (Not literally - since I used a box knife to cut the confetti out of the tube) And my kids kept telling me over and over how they wanted to "come to Mommy's work everyday!" haha! In fact, Fields loved it so much that he tried his hardest to get into every shot. Which meant a lot of cropping on my end of things. We had a full 90 minutes but only shot an hour to give ourselves ample cleanup time. The Studio Underground had everything organized, clean and ready to use! There was even a TV there so you could entertain littles or show clients the pictures afterwards. If anyone is needing some studio light work done, send me an e-mail! I'm itching to get back there and shoot some more. 


"Danny married an Oregonian who doesn't want to shoot confetti cannons outside so that we don't kill the earth" kills me!!! #sorelatable
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