The Backend of the Biz | Whitney Beth Photography

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The Backend of the Biz | Whitney Beth Photography

For most people, when they think of what a photographer does for their job, I bet they think it's 50% shooting and 50% editing. At least that's what little, baby me thought as a sophomore in high school when I started my business. Like so many other professions, there are a lot more to a job that meets the eye. Just for fun, I thought I'd do a quick run down of what I try to cram into a work day/what needs to be done. 

1. If it's a M/W/F - post to Instagram and link blog posts in comments on Facebook as well as pin all images to Pinterest from blog post.

2. T/TH/S - post to Instagram or make and post a reel

3. Content plan - I've been blogging three times a week for 3 1/2 years now, give or take a few weeks. No one is more surprised than I am that I still have things to write about. I attribute this mainly to my content planning. Every month I schedule out the things I want to write about. (Made possible by a list of subjects and topics I keep on my phone and add to whenever inspiration strikes.) 

4. Answer e-mails, respond to comments, DM's and messages.

5. Write a blog post or two.

6. If specific photos are needed for said blog posts - shoot the content

7. Edit needed images for blog post 

8. Import all new photos to be edited from session - if not yet done.

9. Cull images

10. Edit

11. Export and Import to Dropbox

12. Import from Dropbox to my proofing software on IPad + make a slideshow to show clients.

13. Check on tailwind queue and make sure I have enough pins scheduled for Pinterest 

14. Make sure my travel bag of samples is packed, clean and full of new and empty order forms.

15. Send an email pitch to potential businesses needing product photography

- If I have a shoot that day or the next - 

16. Make sure all batteries are charged

17. quick wipe down of camera and lenses

18. Check to make sure I have clean, empty memory cards

19. Pack up bag and refresh supply of smarties and bribes

20. Set it next to my desk and write down a few prompts/poses I want to make sure to do.

21. Spend an hour photographing

22. Come home and put away gear and import pictures

- If I have an ordering appointment

23. Meet up with clients and show them a slideshow of their images

24. Go through and have them pick out their favorites

25. Find what package fits their needs best

26. Go home and make any extra edits

27. Send them their digitals

28. Order their prints and start designing albums (depending on what they bought)

29. Once order has come in from my lab(s) - deliver prints and products to clients

30. Enter in any receipts or sales into my spreadsheet for the year

That's a lot on my plate, and it normally doesn't occur all at once (thank heavens) but out of that list of 30 things, only two of them are editing and photographing client images. TWO! I usually shoot for an hour and then average about two hours of editing per session. So three hours out of all I have to do are the whole reason I got into business. 

If you made it this far, kudos to you! You get a gold star! I know it may seem like a super long list - and it is, but I still love it (even though I love some more than others.) I love the connections I form with my clients and seeing all my hard work on the backside of things pay off in SEO and Pinterest views. This business is my baby and I'm proud of how far we've come. <3

What my desk and I look like on the reg, blue light glasses, empty Dr. Pepper Bottle and all


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