Best Places to Buy Little Boys' Outfits for Pictures | Whitney Beth Photography

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Best Places to Buy Little Boys' Outfits for Pictures | Whitney Beth Photography

Once you've decided on pictures - regardless of the session type, figuring out what to wear is always the hardest. But if you've got boys to dress, like me, then you'll understand the struggle of finding something cute, fashionable and something your boys will actually wear. Jones turned 5 this month - that means I've had five years of perusing and making mental notes of nice outfits he'll actually wear that will also match with the look I'm going for/the rest of the family. In those five years (and a few boys later) I've landed on a pretty tried and true set of stores to try when looking for picture outfits. These are my top three recommendations with the most array of variety that'll be easier to match to anyone else's outfits. 

1. H&M

This is my number one choice for little boys' outfits. In fact it's where their birthday/Easter outfits have come from every year (except this year for Fields.) It's honestly the first place I look now. My favorite part is the constant rack of nice shirts that are always there - and they are fun too! I usually let Jones pick any shirt from the rack for his birthday pictures. In the past he's picked dinosaurs, cars, and polka dots. They usually have a good solid/neutral option in there too. (I especially love the collarless white shirts they have.) Their pre picked sets are pretty cute for littles too. I'm a sucker for suspenders and there are usually a handful of options to choose from. It's also helpful that they keep up with the "in" colors that are trending that season - which makes it amazingly helpful when matching colors for the rest of the family. 

2. Target

Target is hit or miss. The downside with being on the hunt for cute boy clothes, is so is everyone else and Target is a store that is shopped often by everyone. So if you can get there right when they restock stuff, you're golden. Target is nice since they put out clothes that match each section - so if need be it's a one stop shop. I pulled a few outfits together that would look cute for a pair of brothers. I actually ended up getting Jones the cream and muted stripped blue and blush shirt for my own maternity pictures this year. Major points for Target from my boys since their clothes are usually really comfortable and they don't feel like they're wearing "church clothes" - even in a button up. 

3. Old Navy

Old Navy and I have a love hate relationship - similar to Target, it can be hit or miss. I like to shop in stores when I'm picking outfits so that I can verify the color and the little boys' section is always so much smaller than the little girls. But that's not to say they don't have cute stuff - you just have to be on the ball and get there before everyone else does! Old Navy is great for me when I need a staple/focal piece that I can build off of. I popped over to Old Navy and threw together a few cute looks that would be good for some brothers - especially in a neutral landscape like Saltair or Antelope Island!

look at that cute little Jonesy in his Old Navy sweater


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