Happy Birthday to Me! | Whitney Beth Photography

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Happy Birthday to Me! | Whitney Beth Photography

Today is my birthday! This year marks the last year of my 20's - which feels so weird to say. But I'm so proud of all thing things I've been able to do and learn in these 29 years! So to kick off my birthday, I thought I'd give you 29 things that I'm proud of myself for. After all, what better day to brag about yourself than your birthday?! 

1. My love for DIY grew stronger as I became more comfortable using power tools

2. Growing babies! While a few of them had plans of their own, I'm grateful to be a mom to all my kids; the three in Heaven and the (almost) three Earth side

3. I've settled into my role as the crazy plant lady and love it! I love how happy and alive my houseplants make me feel when I come home.

4. Speaking of crazy plant lady - that is also translating to outside plants too! Over the course of the nearly 6 years of living in our home, I have been learning about all my favorite plants we had at our Oregon homes and doing my best to bring the color to my home in Utah. (It involves A LOT of googling like, 'bush that has tiny white flowers that smell really good.' haha!)

5. I'm more confident in myself and what I want for my future.

6. I've put my stubbornness to good use and have it fuel whatever crazy idea I've come up with.

7. I've learned to communicate better and as a result have had relationships with friends and family strengthened.

8. I'm not afraid to have a different opinion (which is huge if you look at little high school baby Whitney)

9. I grew a garden

10. Planted 600+ tulip and daffodil bulbs in my park strip (see? crazy plant lady)

11. Installed an accent wall

12. Built a mantle from scratch

13. Reached 1 million views on Pinterest 

14. Invested in my website (new, beautiful site, coming soon!)

15. Feel confident in my pricing and am ok if people don't book with me

16. Explored more of where I live

17. My relationship with my Father in Heaven has grown and evolved

18. My dogs let me have pillows on the couch (lol) 

19. I don't let a new skill intimidate me 

20. I'm getting better at asking for help when I need it

21. I come up on the first page of Google if you search, "Best Family Photographers Near Me" in the Sandy/Draper area

22. I've developed my love of flowers and started arranging bouquets for fun or for styled shoots

23. I've lost the "baby weight" and gotten stronger after having each baby - for the sole purpose of feeling good about myself and being a strong, fun mom who can do things with her kids. 

24. I care less about what people think, and more about what I think of myself.

25. I've instilled a love of nature and animals into my kids and love watching it manifest itself - unprompted 

26. Danny and I continue to grow together and evolve into the power couple that we are capable of becoming

27. I've taken a better inventory of my health and what I put into my body, while still allowing myself to "live" and enjoy my meals

28. My picture of the day will always be an accomplishment that I'm extremely proud of. (Starting in 2011 I've taken one picture everyday - I know have a decade long daily journal of my life, which just happened to start the year that I met Danny.)

29. I'm very proud of this little life I've built myself in this corner of the world and can't wait to see it unfold. My 20's were fun and full of growth, but I'm eager to see what the next decade brings.


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