Up Your Selfie Game | Whitney Beth Photography | Utah Family + Senior Photographer

April 19, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Up Your Selfie Game | Whitney Beth Photography | Utah Family + Senior Photographer

Self Portraits are not a new thing - especially with photography (hello MySpace Mirror pics!) But with so much of life being in front of a lens lately I thought it might be helpful for three super easy ways you can up your selfie (or zoom) game! 

1. Face a Window

This will give you nice, even light. Window light is some of the most flattering natural light out there and you don't need anything special to access it (apart from a window.) Just by doing a 180 you can instantly see better results. When you have your back to the window the camera is trying to compensate for the bright light behind you, while also keeping you properly exposed. This turns out a muddy, hazy picture with a halo outlining you. Just turn and let mother nature's natural ring light do her thing!

2. Clean Your Lens

We all know phones are disgusting. Especially if you've just gotten off a call and have had your greasy face and hair pressed up against the glass. Let alone if you've had a kid play on it for a second and have the screen come back sticky and crusty. I've seen lots of people do a quick wipe down on their pants to clean the screen, but often they are missing the camera lens - which is front and center to all the action! Cleaning that puppy up before a quick pic or zoom call and you'll be golden. 


3. High Angle 

Give anyone a low enough angle and they will for sure have double chin(s) which is not usually a look you're going for. Whatever is closest to the camera is going to appear the largest, and by sticking it low, not only emphasizes extra skin (which is needed to move your head btw) but also makes your eyes one of the further away things and therefore the smallest. By raising your camera up and angling down, now you've got Disney Princess eyes and all things neck related are covered up by your chin and jaw line. Easy peasy. 


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