Utah State Capital Blossoms | Wilkes Family | Whitney Beth Photography

April 21, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Utah State Capital Blossoms | Wilkes Family | Whitney Beth Photography

It's my favorite time of year! The blossoms are popping and my photo friends and I are all updating each other on the state of the cherry blossoms at the Utah State Capital. Andrew and Melissa humored me when I asked if they were cool with doing a morning session at the capital and I'm so happy we did! Not only did we have virtually no crowds (I only saw one other photographer there), but it was also the day of the wind storm and by the next morning we had a light dusting of snow. The blossoms were still vibrant and full of life - even if we did have a chilly wind to go along with the shoot. We just did a quick shoot since the kids were cold, but we got so many good pictures! Especially once the kids warmed up to me... and my bag of smarties! haha! For most of the session Ben wouldn't take off his coat, and just as we were wrapping things up (and with nothing to lose if it didn't pan out) I told Ben that I'd give him his own roll of smarties to eat by himself if he would take off his coat for the last few pictures. Well, I tell you what, I had hardly finished my sentence when Ben frantically took off his coat and chucked it to the side. haha! I should've tried that earlier! We finished up the shoot with the last of the soft morning light. It was the perfect start to my morning! Morning shoots (especially at popular locations) are the only time I'm a morning person! Ha! Enjoy my favorites from their shoot!



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