May Day | Whitney Beth Photography | Utah Family + Senior Photographer

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May Day | Whitney Beth Photography | Utah Family + Senior Photographer

Happy May Day! Growing up, my siblings and I loved May Day! We would always gather up a ton of flowers and ding dong ditch them on our neighbor's doorsteps. It was a pretty well known holiday - at least in my neighborhood growing up! My siblings and I thought we were so fast since we never got caught, come to find out that all of our neighbors were watching and laughing from windows as they watched a handful of us ring the bell and scatter away! Now that I have kids of my own, I want to instal the love of traditions that I had growing up. This year I was more prepared (In the past I've just picked tulips from my yard and used that.) But since this tradition is not as widely known, we decided to help it out a little. Normally it's supposed to be a surprise - but if no one knows why they're getting flowers dropped off on their porch, it might prove difficult in keeping the spirit of May Day alive. This year I bought a few bouquets from the store and divided them out into 10 smaller bouquets. (Luckily I know the limits of this 7 month pregnant body and stopped at 10.) Then I printed out some tags that said, "Happy May Day! Love, the Robbins family" and had the boys color them a bit. Tied it to the bouquet, and ta-da! Danny and I loaded up the kids and flowers in the wagon and started walking. We didn't plan out who we wanted to hit ahead of time - just let inspiration (and Jones) guide us. Some houses were successful in their door-bell ditching, other's have some pretty cute footage of Jones hauling his butt off their porch on their Ring doorbell, and some were outside and saw us coming (which resulted in a quick chat.) Jones was glad for the stops to chat, since he was our primary door bell ditcher and kept saying how, "we have soooo many friends!" as he asked for rides in the wagon! Fields was a great flower holder, but decided on the last house he wanted to be a runner too. It was so cute and they both did such a good job! We had such a good family day and Jones and Fields spent the rest of the day telling everyone "Happy May Day! ...sorry we ran out of flowers!" Most people hadn't a clue what they were talking about, but I loved it! I'm hoping we can get this tradition going in our neighborhood so that my boys can keep having the fun that I had as a kid! 



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